Computers and WiFi


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Scan photos or documents to Image (JPG, TIFF) or Adobe PDF Format.

Batch scanning and multiple page scanning possible.

Source documents can be up to Ledger (11″ x 17″) size.

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    Computers & WiFi

    The Westbury Library has a high speed Wi-Fi Internet connection for all devices that support 802.11b/g/n. This includes most laptops, smartphones and portable gaming devices. Coverage area includes the Adult Library, Children’s Library and Courtyard.

    Computer Lab and Internet Policy

    • Users must comply with United States copyright and all other State and Federal laws.
    • Patrons may not use the library computers or internet to view explicit material or material that it is illegal to share with minors.
    • Users must comply with the Library’s applicable rules, procedures and Policy on Library Conduct. The Library reserves the right to remove the privileges of anyone who does not follow these rules, procedures and Policy on Library Conduct.
    • Users must comply with New York State’s applicable laws regarding Cyber Bullying.
    • Users understand that while using the Internet they have access to a wide variety of materials, some of which may be inaccurate or outdated and that he or she uses it at their own risk.
    • Users understand that the Library makes no warranties, expressed or implied, that the functions of or content accessed through the Westbury Library’s computers, Internet connections or computer resources will meet the user’s specific requirements, or that it will be error-free, trouble-free, current, uninterrupted, not viewed by third-parties or be virus/spyware/malware free.
    • The user further understands that the Library reserves the right to remove the privileges of anyone who tampers with or damages equipment or programs involved with computers or Internet access, and to charge for damages.
    • The library reserves the right to remove the privileges of anyone who attempts to circumvent time, usage restrictions, or security protocols on any library equipment.
    • By allowing children under 18 to possess a library card, parents and guardians are expressly permitting their children to have access to the Internet as an information resource. Parents and guardians who believe that their children cannot responsibly use Internet access are requested to personally monitor their children’s Internet use.
    • Children’s Library computers are for children 6th grade and under, with the exception of designated computers which may be used only by adults who are accompanied by children.
    • Teen Area computers are for teens in 7th through 12th
    • Computer use by children in the Adult Library is at the discretion of Library staff.
    • Technology staff is available to assist with basic troubleshooting and instruction. Staff cannot assist patrons with clerical tasks or in the instruction or use of specific web pages, programs not installed by staff, or in resolving personal issues for patrons (lost passwords, wrong backup email address, etc.)
    • Use of the Internet and library computers presupposes that this Policy has been read and understood by the user and that the user agrees to abide by them without reservation.

    Revised 10/21/21