Charlie’s doing the best that he can. His parents disappeared after his family home burns down. Two months later he’s living in a stranger’s home with just the memories of simpler times; hugging his parents, watching t.v. with them and listening to his abuela’s stories.
Charlie’s abuela always made sure that she told him as many Hispanic myths as she could.
He thought they were just fairy tales that every latino kid grows up on, until those myths turn out to be real.
Charlie not only encounters La Llorona, a calaca, and El Sombreron, to name a few, but he also has to deal with the worst form of puberty: growing horns, feathers and claws!
With the help of a new friend, Charlie has to figure out why this is happening to him, avoid being killed and maybe even save the world.
A great read for those who liked Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Grades 5 and up