Why pick a Graphic Novel?

Kids flock to our graphics like moths to flames, and for good reason! Many of our graphic novels have colorful pictures and feature characters they already love, like Big Nate, Wolverine, My Little Pony and more, but what you may not know, is that they also include original stories with characters who feel out of place; they can teach inclusivity or history, and they can even take the reader through the digestive system!

It may seem like a child is taking the easy route when choosing a graphic novel over a traditional chapter book, but graphic novels are actually quite complex. The artwork can give the reader, flipping through the pages, an advance idea of the story. This and their fast pace can spark interest in even the most reluctant readers. The illustrations reinforce the story being told. The pictures enhance a child’s ability to decipher visual cues by forcing them to fill in what the words don’t explicitly say. A character’s facial expression tells the reader what they are feeling. A change of color in the background can hint to an ominous turn of events.

Ominous turn of events

Storytelling in this format helps a child recognize sequencing, or what happens first, second, third, etc. The small space allotted for text makes it crucial for an author to use it strategically. Words and pictures work together to tell a great story!
We work hard to keep our graphic novel collection up to date and fresh. Worn out, tattered copies often need to be replaced and new books must be added to keep our voracious readers satisfied. Our hope is that once a child finds a love of reading, in whatever format that may take, they will continue down the path of becoming lifelong readers.

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