Alex is great at writing scary stories, but this makes him the weird kid at school. One night, tired of being seen as different, he decides that he’ll destroy his notebooks in the basement burner of his apartment building and start fresh. Unfortunately, Alex gets distracted on the fourth floor, his favorite horror movie is playing loudly out of apartment 4E. All of a sudden he can’t resist, he has to knock on the door and see who is watching. This is where his nightmare begins.
Natacha is a witch that lives in 4E and needs children to keep the dark magic running through her apartment. Alex will now be the storyteller, using his talent for dark stories to appease the evil that lives behind the walls. Alex, along with long kidnapped Yasmin and Lenore, a very strange cat, must figure out a way to get out of this enchanted apartment. They’re not the first to get trapped in 4E, but can they be the first to get out?
Grades 5 and up