The character of Harry Potter was born in 1980, and that means that this summer, on July 31, Harry Potter will turn 40! To celebrate, we are reading one Harry Potter book per month until his birthday. We would love for you and your family to join us.

We will post discussion questions here each month.

The first post will be general discussion question about that month’s book. For these discussions we ask that the chat stay within the events of that book. No spoilers!

A little bit later in the month, we will introduce a second post where overarching themes in the series and theories can be discussed. Let spoilers fly!


We encourage families to use these discussion questions to foster conversation, and to create and follow their own rules regarding message boards on the internet. Grownups can use our forum to share their family’s revelations, or to take a break from the little ones and engage with other fans on your own terms.

Are you a first-timer or a Hogwarts expert? Either way, we are excited for you to go on this magical journey!