Patricia, more commonly known as Sweet Pea, is dealing with a lot lately.
Her parents are divorcing, Sweet Pea’s arch enemy/former best friend is going out of her way to make her feel left out and Oscar, Sweet Pea’s current best friend, is starting to have different interests.
On top of all this, her eccentric neighbor and local advice columnist Miss Flora Mae, has enlisted her in forwarding her letters while she’s away on a trip. In no way was Sweet Pea to tell anyone Miss Flora Mae is gone and in no way was she supposed to open these letters containing the secrets of members of her town. When an envelope, decorated in glitter and pizzazz, addressed to Miss Flora Mae arrives, Sweet Pea can’t resist.
Sweet Pea sees no harm in answering a letter or two as Miss Flora Mae, until the advice she gives blows up in her face.
Dear Sweet Pea is funny, sweet and a great read for anyone interested in realistic fiction.
Grades 5 and up